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Corruption of the canons of justice

Anna Hazare ended his hunger strike by lauding the victory of the people and stated that the real fight begins now. One can say with reasonable certainty that the fight Hazare was referring to had perhaps nothing to do either with the controversy that has emerged regarding the constitution of the joint committee or with … Continue reading

Reform Wishlist for 2011

The bells ringing in peoples ears this winter are not all of the jingle variety normally associated with this time of the year. This is hardly surprising, given that as 2010 drew to an end and we reflected on the year that has been, it has been difficult to focus attention away from the many … Continue reading

A suit that fits the Bill – II

In China, class action litigation is permitted under its civil procedure laws. Multi-plaintiff groups have brought suits seeking compensation for harm caused by pollution, false advertising, contract violations and securities law violations. The laws of China separate class action litigation into two categories—cases where the number of litigants is fixed and cases in which the … Continue reading

A suit that fits the Bill – I

The Companies Bill, 2009, was recently reintroduced in the Lok Sabha. It seeks to streamline, and, in some instances, modify existing legislation and introduce some new provisions. One such provision relates to class action suits, proposing that any member or class of members, or any creditor or class of creditors, of a company may apply … Continue reading

Defence investments under attack

A proposal of the department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) to increase the FDI cap in defence came under immediate attack. The ministry of defence believes that our defence sector is not mature enough to handle increased foreign investments. The DIPP for its part, through a discussion paper recently issued, was hoping for an … Continue reading