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Institutional Investors – Watchdog to Corporate Boards

So far, one of the most positive developments of the Tata-Mistry corporate tussle has been the focus it has drawn on the state of corporate governance in India. The role, powers, functions, duties, obligations and responsibilities of Board of Directors across large and small, public and unlisted companies is now actively being discussed. What is … Continue reading

The Mystery Behind Tata Trusts

Amongst the many shortfalls in corporate governance within the Tata group that Cyrus Mistry’s legal team is sure to highlight, their principal area of attack is likely to be on the Tata Trusts. Sir Dorabji Tata Trust, Sir Ratan Tata Trust and other allied trusts (collectively “Tata Trusts”) are “amongst India’s oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organisations.” … Continue reading

The Tata Mistry Board Game

Throughout history, every culture and society has had some kind of a board game that was played by its inhabitants with the earliest trace being found as far back as 4600 years ago. In current times, most board games involve tokens or counters which are placed on pre-marked spaces according to a set of rules. … Continue reading

The Independence of Directors

Cyrus Mistry’s removal as chairman of Tata Sons Ltd. and his subsequent letter to the Board, highlighting amongst other things, the “failure on the part of the directors to discharge their fiduciary duty owed to the stakeholders of Tata Sons” brings to the fore what Mistry himself describes as a “total lack of corporate governance.” … Continue reading

Opening Retail – Brand by Brand

The New Year has kick-started with good news on economic policy. On January 10, the government notified its earlier decision of permitting 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in single-brand product retail trading. But attached to this permission are conditions that are bound to present implementation challenges and include a two-step application process that can be unnecessarily … Continue reading