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The 99th Annual General Meeting of Tata Sons Ltd., held a few days ago, was significant for many reasons. Majority shareholders approved to give its preference shareholders voting rights in case of a default in dividend payment for two years. The majority also approved to amend the company’s Articles of Association (“Articles”) to undertake what … Continue reading


Among the downpour of rights that the recent Constitution Bench decision of the Supreme Court of India (“privacy judgment”) has reaffirmed for the citizens, what stands out, like a rainbow, are the clear notings regarding the rights of same-sex partners. Despite being a nine Judges bench, in keeping with judicial propriety the Supreme’s stated that, … Continue reading


“Perhaps the only thing we can agree on at this painfully divisive moment in our national history is that all this anger and derision in which we’re marinating isn’t healthy. Not for us, not for our kids and certainly not for the country. But as a nation, we can’t seem to quit. We’re so primed … Continue reading

Court Termination of Pregnancy

On Friday, the Supreme Court of India declined the abortion request of a 10-year-old rape survivor who was reportedly 32 weeks pregnant. Doctors who examined the adolescent opined that an abortion at this stage posed a risk to her life. Under the circumstances, the court could not have done much else. But this decision must … Continue reading

Fly High; But Lie Low

The Director General of Civil Aviation (“DGCA”), India’s aviation watchdog, recently issued a Civil Aviation Requirement (“CAR”) regarding handling of unruly/disruptive passengers. Issued under the Aircraft Rules, 1937 and framed in pursuance of the Indian Aircraft Act, 1934, the CAR acknowledges that unruly behavior of any sort, on board an aircraft or during embarkation/disembarkation, interferes … Continue reading