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Course set for correction or collision?

What started as a legitimate fight to check, curb and legislate against corruption has now taken on a direction which even Anna Hazare and his team of civil society activists could perhaps not have contemplated. Because of their inherent nature, it is always difficult to predict the direction any movement takes, but it would be … Continue reading

Fight Against Corruption Continues

What is it about the Lok Pal Bill that despite first being presented in 1968, it has still not been passed on any of the eight attempts on which it has been introduced in parliament? Why is it that despite consistent recommendations of various commissions, to statutorily establish the office of a Lok Pal, we … Continue reading

When law & politics collide

Some recent judgments of the Supreme Court are being described as “judicial activism” and a debate, somewhat fuelled by media, has arisen on whether the judiciary is encroaching into executive domain. Coming in quick succession, these judgments definitely seem to have taken their toll on a government already faced with credibility issues. Taking note, the … Continue reading