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Easing FDI rules will enhance trade

The year 2010 will be remembered across India for multiple reasons and notable among them is India’s newly-assumed position as a key international trading partner. When the US President acknowledges India’s rise as a global power and declares that India has emerged, not just in Asia, but across the world, people all around take note. In such circumstances, it … Continue reading

A suit that fits the Bill – II

In China, class action litigation is permitted under its civil procedure laws. Multi-plaintiff groups have brought suits seeking compensation for harm caused by pollution, false advertising, contract violations and securities law violations. The laws of China separate class action litigation into two categories—cases where the number of litigants is fixed and cases in which the … Continue reading

A suit that fits the Bill – I

The Companies Bill, 2009, was recently reintroduced in the Lok Sabha. It seeks to streamline, and, in some instances, modify existing legislation and introduce some new provisions. One such provision relates to class action suits, proposing that any member or class of members, or any creditor or class of creditors, of a company may apply … Continue reading