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The True Image: Resale Royalty Rights Of An Artist

The art market has historically witnessed a marked imbalance between artists and buyers of their works, who range from galleries, auction houses, collectors or connoisseurs of art. Young, striving, aspiring artists are keen (sometimes almost desperate) to secure a gallery listing or make “that sale”, as a result of which buyers invariably dictate the terms … Continue reading

Outsourcing beyond taxation

President Obama’s most recent outburst against offshore outsourcing appears to be nothing more than his response to the threat posed to American jobs being shipped to offshore destinations, including India. Given the state of the American economy, Obama’s desire to create more jobs in the US, and retain existing ones, is perhaps justified. And while … Continue reading

Balancing security with trade

National security was deservingly one of the common items in the election manifesto across party lines in the recent elections. Given the current global financial crisis, the steps which the government will take towards economic security are generating heightened interest. As India continues to offer optimism for foreign investments, the business community has high expectations … Continue reading